Beauty with wellness….

We believe in ‘Beauty with Wellness’. As a pursuit to natural way of goodness in life, RuBisKo Transformation Series is a measure to promote the idea of taking up self-challenge as motivation towards wellness in every aspect of life. Through a guided approach towards taking up this self-challenge on fitness is the first step. When wellness and beauty amalgamates, it results in a more holistic outcome. RuBisKo is a wellness companion to many and all that we aspire for is to make way for better living…

Fashion Styling..

Welcome to ‘FOSHO – World of RuBisKo Fashion Styling’ . Leaving a statement is everyone’s desire. And we make it so in style. Go Ultrachik..Ultrahip..Ultraposh with FOSHO – Fashion Styling Column

Let`s talk the A to Z of fashion & styling. We make it easy and supercool for you.

We do The
Dapper. Dashing. Dressy. Natty. Sassy.

Rakish. Saucy. Spruce. Spiffy and much more…