At RuBisKo, we believe that healthy skin and hair is essential for all. and we work for making it possible through easy, simple and natural ways. As time goes by, beauty and wellness changes and is impacted by age, time and environment. We at RuBisKo make products exclusively of natural and organic ingredients that are carefully selected and handcrafted to provide the essential nourishment that your skin and hair needs to retain and enhance its finest characteristics. At RuBisKo, we redefine what beauty means. It isn't about the make-overs that transforms your beauty, rather we believe beauty is about confidently flaunting your natural skin. We make products to give you that confidence by taking care of the health of your skin and hair. Unlike the market players that claim to be 'all natural' and still add colorants that are synthetic additives, we at RuBisKo formulate all our products using natural ingredients from Sea and Soil that are kept in its natural form closest to its nature in every way. RuBisKo strongly advocates Eco-consciousness in everything that we do, be it our products or packaging.


Welcome to the world of natural radiance. The best way to look beautiful is to be in your natural skin. And, for the skin to be such, we ought to get closer to nature and its beauty secrets that are treasured for us. The oceans hold many mysteries—including beauty secrets that have been revered for centuries.

A deep exploration into the seas and oceans for its rich mineral packed beautifying sources from Sea Algae, and a fervent quest to bring out our ancient timeless beauty therapies in the most pure, natural, easy and hand-made form saw the birth of RuBisKo. Now, you can pamper your skin with the natural and luxurious extracts from the flora of Sea and Soil.

Algal blooms have been treated as a major source of beauty therapy in the world from age-old time. There are even inscriptions on how these formed a critical part in the beauty treatments for skin and hair over centuries. RuBisCo is the primary enzyme responsible for photosynthesis to prepare food in Blue Green Algae. Thus, it is apt to have named our Algae based beauty care products as RuBisKo.


We strongly believe in wellness through lush green and have symbolized RuBisKo through our Eco-consciousness in what we do, how we do and what we offer. Yes! We have carefully formulated all our products in such a way that every little thing that goes into it is in its natural form, pure, and either from our earthen soil or of the deep sea. We use glass refill bottles in order to ensure no new plastic waste finds its way to the ocean. Every product is hand made with a warm heart that`ll make you happy each time you use. For we know, anything from the heart is soulful and anything that`s natural is blissful.

Every product is a luxurious blend of natural and purest ingredients for your body that does not contain any chemical or synthetic component even to the slightest amount. So, adding one of RuBisKo`s eco-conscious products to your daily routine will assure that every day will make you feel heavenly in your natural skin that will radiate beauty in an untainted form

From the Founder`s Diary

Hey Beautiful,

We believe beauty is enduring and ageless. Being in one`s natural skin with confidence is more beautiful than with make overs that transforms ones beauty. It is quite natural that everyone desires to be beautiful. Our motive is to make your desire come true in a simple, easy, healthy and a luxurious way. Everyone deserves to be pampered. Going in for the Spas and beauty salons would burn quite a bit of our money. Since, we were inspired by the beauty secrets that were abundantly available in the Seas, Oceans and Soils, we set out on an extensive research to formulate them into beauty products that results in a Spa effect after every use. All our formulations are tested on us and we are tremendously astounded by the effects that our hand-made skin and hair care products left on us. Each bottle of wellness is packed with purity that is sure to leave you blissfully beautiful.

In a world full of beauty products that uses synthetics and chemicals doing less good and more harm with its micro granular plastic particles and carcinogens that are packed into it, We were determined with the motto ‘our products for skin and hair must be good and safe and edible by all means, Not processed artificially with colorants or preservatives, Zero synthetic additives, staying closer to nature in all our product ingredients, doing absolutely no harm to nature- Sea & Soil’. Hence, all products of RuBisKo are Eco-consciously prepared and packed.

RuBisKo will give you the confidence to flaunt your natural skin.

Let`s redefine ‘Beauty is skin deep’ to ‘Beauty is Sea Deep’

Stay Beautiful with RuBisKo...

Secret of the Sea

Sea Minerals

The minerals in seawater help strengthen skin, stimulate blood circulation, remove toxins. Most vitamins and minerals are not produced by the body and are gradually lost throughout the day. Since your skin is your largest organ, replenishing minerals is critical to the health of your skin and you`ll experience the burst of sea minerals in our products every time you use while shower.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is a natural exfoliator, making it an ideal body scrub to slough off dead skin. Mineral-rich sea salt tossed in a bath or used as a scrub has the added Benefits of improving skin tone, balancing its pH, and encouraging skin repair and hydration. Sea salt sprays can also add texture to hair. Our sea salt scrubs are excellent in exfoliating both mild and heavy to suit every skin type.


Another beauty secret from the oceans is seaweed. This marine miracle naturally cleanses and purifies skin, helping soothe irritation and improve elasticity. It also helps reduce signs of aging by toning, smoothening, moisturizing, and stimulating skin cells. Seaweed contain vitamins and minerals that are 10 times greater than in soil-grown plants, which is partly due to the abundant mineral content of seawater. Seaweed is a key ingredient in all our products to manage wrinkles, acne, detox and to moisturize and super hydrate.


Like seaweed, tiny algae are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins that strengthen and nourish skin. There are many types of algae, including blue-green spirulina, that balance skin’s natural pH, preventing irritation and infection. Algae’s high concentration of beta-carotene defends against free radical damage by creating a barrier UV protection. You’ll find it in our skin products.


Harvested from micro algae and responsible for the pink color of salmon, flamingos, shrimp, and lobster, Astaxanthin is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants. It has been found to be 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C in neutralizing free radicals and 1,000 times more effective than both beta-carotene and lutein in protecting the skin from exposure to UV light. Its powerful anti-inflammatory effects soothe irritation, increase moisture retention and elasticity, shrink wrinkles, and lighten age spots. This forms base in few of our skin care products that are formulated to give you the skin that you have been longing for!!


Beauty is Sea deep…

The Oceans & Seas of the world have a reflective effect on our lives. They've been a boundless source of inspiration to us. Seawater and Ocean salts are a great part of who we are since ancient days. We have always experienced an intense connection with the oceans. Oft times we feel the mystic magic of the Seas in its healing powers, the chilled breeze, mineral-rich saltwater, sun-kissed sands and the rich saline salts. There`s much beyond all these that we see on the surface of the seas. The secrets of the seas beneath beckoned us to get to its roots, to the spectacular breathtaking flora of the deep sea!

And there we fell in love with the sea & the exotic natural richness of beauty indulgences that we get from Sea Algae under the ocean. The day we saw it for the first time, we sought out to bring out the ocean deep beauty therapies in an effortless way to make you the most beautiful, confident, and most importantly a full-on natural self.

Earthen lush…

The sea lives in every one of us. So is the soil with its lush flowers, luxurious clay of different types, fresh citrus and the effervescence of the garden fruits and their peels that are rich in vitamins to exfoliate and tighten the skin and make you glow naturally by purifying, balancing and calming your skin & hair. The amazing gift of nature are the plants and its every part essentially packed with beauty benefits in abundance. We brought together the freshness of the organic flowers and fruits to blend into the purest form of extracts that leaves a scent which lingers long after your shower. Digging deep into our history for the age-old beauty secrets of the fruits and peels, no wonder they possessed the celestial charm by nature’s gift. We have carefully formulated the earthen lush that`ll leave you the most charming.